In this site you will find the views as presented by Turkish atheists, agnostics and pantheists, about the religion in general, but especially the effects of Islam to our society.

We, as the members of the Turan Dursun website, committed ourselves to explain the reality and the truth about the facts of life, to our fellow brothers and sisters, who are under the influence of the religious dogmatism.

Our goal is to break the invisible chain, which has been placed around our neck by teachings of various religions, to explain the benefits of free thinking, despite the fear created by the few beneficiaries.

Obviously a more beautiful world cannot be realized without a world with more freedom. In order to set up a world with more freedom, taboos should be demolished; taboos of all kinds and at first those arising out of faith.

We have dedicated this site to Mr. Turan Dursun, a researcher of great insight, a hard-worker, a brave man of principles, in short an intellectual with many virtues. We hope you enjoy our site and leave you together with Mr. Turan Dursun:

All kinds of chains which tie freedom should be broken; in the first place the ‘chain of faith’ in minds. Thought bound with chain of faith is fixed, unchanged. This is in contradiction with the changeable structure of the nature. Chained mind will not reveal any progress, will not fit in with changes, developments. All kinds of positive growth in our world could have been realized to the extent possible that it could break free from the chain of taboos with faith ranking in the first place. The points achieved in human mind, science, technology, human rights are the products of this attitude.

Mind and science are in the bright side. Religion and faith are on the dark side. The measures of mind and science are known; observation, experimentation, objectivity ‘ These throw light on the road. Then, how to deal with religion is in full sight and obvious. Religion should be dealt with in the same way as with darkness. Light is needed to fight darkness. Likewise, it is needed when you go onto religion and faith.

In this way starts Turan Dursun, in the introduction to his first book; just three months before he was shot dead 7 times on his back. He knew very well that he would be killed, but he had said:

’Should I take the truth wirh me to the grave in order to live at my ease or should I risk death in order to tell the truth to people?’.


As an intellectual and courageous man, he cose the latter.

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