Spit Therapy;

It has been told that Mohammed had treated many people with spittle.
His son in law Ali was one of them.

Mohammed;Where is Ali?

A müslim ;He has aching eyes.

Mohammed;Call him

After this conversation,Ali comes to Mohammed and Mohammed spits to Ali's eyes and treats him.
These sentences are exactly in a hadith;''Prophet had spat on Ali's eyes and his eyes have been
recovered immediately such like never had any pain.''(see,Buhari,e's-Sahih,kitabu'l-Cihad/102,143)

Exhaled Breath Therapy;

There are lots of examples for this therapy in hadiths and there are two different types;

Exhaled breath with spittle,and exhaled breath without spittle

Exhaled breath without spittle; According to hadiths Mohammed had treated,breaks,fractures,
woundings and also sword cuts by praying and giving *exhaled breaths.

Ekva's son Seleme has been wounded in his leg in Hayber.He comes to Mohammed.
Mohammed gives three exhaled breathings.In other words he prays and gives breathings three times.
Then Seleme had no problem,no pain,no suffer.(see;Buhari,e's-Sahih,kitabu'l-Meğazi/3Cool.

Exhaled breath with spittle;As mentioned in Ali's treatment in many cases this method has been used.This therapy method is popular and acceptable in primitive people.

Prof.Dr.Veyis Örnek says;''Spittle have been used for therapy in primitives.They have believed
in that,the mystic and magic power of the spitting person passes to the other one.
Also this method used for the evil eye,to take evil away from believers.''(Ethnology Dictionary)

Hadiths mention this therapy method in many cases.

Exhaled breath for the evil eye;Mohammed sees a yellow face girl and he commands;
''Take her for giving exhaled breathings against the evil eye.''(see,Buhari,e's-Sahih,Kitabu't-Tıbb/35,Tecrid,hadis no:1933)

Mohammed's wife Aise tells;
''Prophet remarks exhaled breath against the evil eye.''(see,Buhari,e's-Sahih,Kitabu't-Tıbb/35,Tecrid,hadis no:1932)

Exhaled breath for snake,scorpion,insect bites and for earache;
Malik's son Enes tells;''Prophet had given permission to exhaled breath for treatment of insect,scorpion,snake bites and for earache''(see,Buhari,e's-Sahih,Kitabu't-Tıbb/26,Tecrid,hadis no:1929) Aişe tells the same thing.

Fee for exhaled breath and Mohammed's part;

As told in a hadith;
Ebu Said and some müslims set out to capture some places.
They meet to a clan on they way.A scorpion has bitten the clan leader.
Clan people want help from müslims for treating their leader.
Ebu Said tells them that he can treat him.After bargaining he begins treatment.He prays Fatiha(1.sura) and gives an exhaled breath,then the leader recovers.
Fee was many sheep.Many sheep for the treatment of scorpion poison with exhaled breath.
They had problem in sharing the sheep.

They go to Prophet for a solution for the problem.
They told the story to him.

Then Mohammed answered;
''You have well done.Now share the sheep and also seperate my part ''(see;Buhari,e's-Sahih,Kitabu't-Tıbb/39;Tecrid,hadis no 1031,Müslim,e's-Sahih,Kitabu's-Selam/65-66,hadis no:2201)

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