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1 The bridge (al-Sirat) on the road to heaven that found a certain place in the Islamic belief, is in fact inspired from the belief on the bridge (cinvat) of the old Iranian religion Zoroastianism, a monotheist one. Administrator 849
2 Mohammed could display all the codes against women after his first wife Khatija, a very authoritative one, had died. Administrator 888
3 Kaaba, accepted by Muslims as the home of god, has been demolished at least 15 times due to floods and wars as per historical records. Administrator 866
4 Masjid al-Nawabi, the mosque where the tomb of Mohammed is found, have been burnt down twice, in 1256 and 1481. Administrator 1101
5 When Mohammed died, verses of Quran were in an unorganized, scattered state. Administrator 935
6 Battle of Badr was started by Muslims attacking a polytheist trade caravan coming back home from Damascus. Thus it was Muslims, the first to start a war. Administrator 1890
7 There are no sound Islamic sources for Mohammed’s circumcision. Administrator 895
8 Abdullah, the name of Mohammed’s father, means the ‘Slave of God (Allah)’ in Arabic, but that Al-lah comes from pre-islamic belief as a ‘moon god’ and father of the goddesses Al-Lat, Al-Uzzat and Al-Menat. Administrator 1021
9 Kaaba used to be the direction to face when praying but after the Higra (emigration: Mohammed’s flight from Mecca to Medina) it was changed to Jerusalem in order to attract Jewish people; and then back to Kaaba when the Jewish mocked with it. Administrator 552
10 Just after the battle of Al-Khandaq, Mohammed executed 500 Jewish men and sold their wives and children in the Damascus slave bazaar since they had sided with the polytheists. Administrator 1172
11 In the 2nd verse of the Hud sura, Mohammed made a very big blunder by making it written as : ‘I am sent to you from Him to warn and to bring glad tidings’ Administrator 772
12 None of the Ottoman Sultans made the hajj (pilgrimage) Administrator 882
13 Atatürk's funeral prayers were not performed at a mosque Administrator 809

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